ImageOk, so halibut has always been one of my favorite kinds of fish, & when I made this dish, it just reconfirmed everything.  Ideal Protein calls this recipe Halibut Marengo Style – I call it Halibut Daniella Style!!!  (Because we were lacking in ingredients, & I was feeling creative)  OK, sooooo how to make it…  We spoiled ourselves and bought two REALLY nice Halibut Filets from Whole Foods…  which, by the way, is one of the best places to shop for produce and meats/fish.  Why!?!  Because the majority of it all is Organic and all their meats are humanly treated and fed diets that they are naturally supposed to be eating.  That’s a completely different tangent that I could go on and on with, but I will spare you, and maybe post something about it on another blog.  Back to the halibut…  I seared both sides of the halibut for 2 minutes in a little bit of olive oil, then placed the halibut to the side on a seperate dish to make the sauce.  I took a bunch of cut mushrooms and browned them in the same pan that I seared the halibut in.  Once the mushrooms were brown I added the green onions, green hot peppers, and celery and sauteed until everything was tender.  I then put about a cup of Walden Farm’s Sun Dried Tomato Italian dressing with some added basil and cooked all together for a couple of minutes…  I grabbed the halibut that I set off to the side and place on top of the ‘stew’ like concoction that I just made.  I cooked covered for 4 minutes, then flipped it and cooked other side of Halibut for an additional 4 minutes.  I added thyme, parsley, salt and pepper for taste, took off heat and let sit covered for 10 minutes. Once done soaking up the flavor, I served like picture above… don’t forget the side salad! Delishhhhh!